Getting Things Done

After reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done I was sold on the methodology as a way to prioritise projects and gain control of time and tasks. A few people were interested in what I was saying about the approach and so I supported them to implement it themselves.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading coaching sessions with self-employed creative professionals.
  • Unlocking particular challenges and helping them to adapt the approach to their needs.
  • Supporting implementation with follow-up sessions.


Working with Sam to improve my productivity has had a massive impact on the way I work. The consultation helped me to reflect on my own working habits and look at lots of practical tips to improve these. As a result I feel a greater sense of overall control and an improved focus on the most important aspects of my work. Sam’s approach of listening, questioning and advising were crucial in getting me to where I am now which is relaxed, productive and enjoying the best bits of my work without the other stuff suffering. He’s also incredibly easy to work with. The whole experience could have been a real chore but he made it seem fun!

Gabriel May, DJ & Producer