Advertising and Public Memory

I was invited to be on the editorial team for the academic publication, Advertising and Public Memory: Social, Cultural and Historical Perspectives on Ghost Signs. The book brought together academics and practitioners from around the world to offer the first ever scholarly treatment of the topic of fading painted signs on walls.

Key Responsibilities

  • Editing submissions and providing developmental feedback to scholars from a range of academic disciplines.
  • Co-authoring three of the chapters in the final book.
  • Supporting the overall project management, including launch publicity.


Sam is a tour de force in the world of hand-painted signage… Sam has been inspiring to work alongside on a number of projects, including co-editing an academic book and organising workshops. He is a rare combination of fair, friendly, quietly efficient, organised, rigorous, smart, strategic and passionate. A truly valued collaborator.

Stefan Schutt, Editor, Advertising and Public Memory