Ghostsigns Walking Tours

In 2013 I researched and launched my Stoke Newington Ghostsigns Walk, an in-person guided tour looking at fading painted signs in North London. This was followed by similar experiences developed for Southwark and Clapham in south London, and a one-off event in Cambridge. The in-person walks won the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence five years running and have since been delivered virtually and made available as digital products.

Key Responsibilities
  • Conducting all local and historical research.
  • Leading the walks, with more than 1,000 guests over six years.
  • Marketing and delivering private walks for clients including design agencies and local historical societies.
  • Reworking the walks as virtual experiences, including development of the digital product, first as a mobile app and then integrated into a website.

Along with his technical and historical expertise, Sam is a natural storyteller and brings the history of places and characters to life.

Sarah Stewart