Bristol University Radio Station

In January 2000 I was volunteered to the role of Station Manager for the off-air Bristol University Radio Station (Burst). I didn’t know the first thing about radio, but 11 months later we had a studio, sponsors, and a schedule for broadcasting on 106.6FM. The station is still going more than 20 years after my involvement.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading the radio station committee towards the objective of broadcasting within a year.
  • Selling advertising and sponsorship for the radio station.
  • Facilitating a smooth handover to ensure the station could continue into the future.


Sam’s dedication has been pivotal to the station’s success… He has an infectious enthusiasm, which inspired many people to get involved with BURST and generated interest in the station across the student community. Many members of the station rightly see him as its ‘father figure’.

Katherine Byrne, Committee Chair, Burst