Cambodian Rural Development Tours

During my Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) placement I supported the opening of a social enterprise in the tourism sector. This helped to facilitate the move away from donor funding by taking a commercial approach to their community-based tours in Kratie, Cambodia. Revenues for the business were up by nearly 60% following the shift and CRDTours is still trading.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advising on human resourcing, product development, financial planning and analysis.
  • Supporting the team to develop a marketing plans, and support materials.
  • Assisting with the launch of the social enterprise.


Sam has understood well, and remained true to, the role of VSO volunteers. He is a highly responsible person and knows what to do with very minimal guidance. He has consistently emphasised the important aspect of his role which is to develop skills and knowledge amongst the staff in his partner organisation. He has directed this work in a proactive way, seeking opportunities for staff members’ professional development and exploiting these accordingly.

Pheng Reth, Senior Programme Manager, VSO Cambodia