London Letterheads Conference

In August 2018 250 people from 30 countries gathered on London’s Southbank for an international sign painting conference, London Letterheads. In the year before this I led the team responsible for organising the event which was delivered for a budget of £50,000 due to everyone’s voluntary efforts. An additional £10,000 was raised for a local charity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading the organising team and delegating responsibility for key aspects of the event.
  • Liaising with the (dry hire) venue and third party contractors to build up the required temporary infrastructure.
  • Recruiting volunteers to support the event delivery, including 20 talks, demonstrations and workshops.
  • Co-ordinating over 1,000 public visits to the event.


I walked into an alien environment barely knowing anyone there and by the end, I really felt like I belonged, which for someone who tends to be a bit shy like me, is amazing. I have no idea how you organised such a huge and seamless event with so much action going on but still such a real relaxed and open vibe, it was like nothing I’ve ever been to and 10 times bigger and more impressive than I was expecting!

Millie Ratcliff

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