N.E. Signs Survey and Zine

After the idea was thrown around as a bit of a joke, I helped lead a team to survey surviving London street signs bearing the initials of the defunct N.E. postal district. Following a public scavenger hunt, the results of the survey were published online and in a limited-edition zine. A more detailed scholarly article then appeared in the Hackney History journal.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with the core team to lead a wider group of volunteers in the execution of the scavenger hunt.
  • Consolidating the survey results, making them ready for presentation.
  • Producing the zine, and writing the submission for Hackney History.


Sam gave this project a real focus and made it appealing and understandable for all-comers. as well as completing a great bit of crowd-sourced research, Sam’s marketing and design of the project gave it life and a new audience, before, during and after the initial engagement.

Nick Perry, Hackney Society