Sign Painting Workshops

Between 2014–20 I remotely ran the logistics, marketing and sales for over 250 craft workshops. These were delivered by master sign painters, lettering artists and gilders in more than 60 cities across four continents.

Key Responsibilities

  • Sourcing and collaborating with local hosts and venues.
  • Publicising the workshops through direct and social media marketing.
  • Managing logistics including communications, materials, and catering.

I was also responsible for selling and setting up private workshop events for clients including: Adidas; isobar; Next; Nottingham Trent University; RMIT; Shoreditch House; Target; and University of the Arts London.


The whole vibe of the workshop was great, so friendly and welcoming to all. Thanks to both Mike and Sam for such a brilliant four days, I’d love to do it all again!

Amy Turner